The purpose of this page is to provide important information to the umpires of WSLL. Please visit this page frequently to get the latest WSLL updates.

Prepare for Tournament Play

Below are tools and documents for you to use as we prepare for the Tournament play both internal to the league and during District All-Stars.  I have updated the 4 Man Mechanic PDF based on the document received from the Southeast Region UIC.  In addition, for the few of that do 90' field, I have uploaded the updated 70'/90' 4-Man Mechanics as well.  Also posted below is the 2015 Little League Baseball Tournament Rule Summary

Many of our games will not be 4 Man so there is also the 2 Man for your review and 3 Man Mechanics as well.  In addition, provided is a two page sheet title "Dirty Dozen Bad Habits of an Umpire."  Look at this and you will be surprised what you see.  How many of us stand there and watch the ball.... How many of us Point at an "OUT"... and on and on.  Thought you might like this info in order to improve your skill and mechanics.

The 9/10 and 10/11 All Star Tournament is right around the corner.  Scott will be reaching out to us for support to cover these games.  During this same timeframe is the Fun Tournament.  The district is projecting that just to fill the games projected during this period with a 2 man crew we will need to fill close to 90 slots.  This is across ALL leagues in D9.  If you can help please do.  Scott will send out information soon on the games that WSLL will be assigned. 


Thanks for all you have done this season and what you do for the kids.  Help where you can.

2015 District 9/10 10/11 11/12 All Stars Tournament Umpire Schedule

Date/Time Teams Age Location Umpire Crew


2015 Umpire Schedule for West Springfield Crews

 27 Jun / 10:00am  CSLL vs FHLL 9-10 Byron/Wrigley Gillingham / Compton / U2 /U3
 27 Jun / 1:15pm  WLLL vs APLL 9-10 Byron/Yankee Steve H / Compton / U2 /U3
 28 Jun / 4:15pm  FHLL vs WBLL 9-10 Byron/Yankee Smith / Compton / U2 /U3
 29 Jun / 7:15pm  FHLL vs WLLL 9-10 Byron/Wrigley Gillingham / Smith / Compton /U3
 1 Jul / 7:00pm  WLLL vs WBLL 9-10 Byron/Yankee Dias / Gillingham / U2 /U3
 3 Jul / 7:15pm  APLL vs FHLL 9-10 Byron/Wrigley PU / U1 / U2 /U3
 7 Jul / 7:00pm  WBLL vs CSLL 11-12 Woodbridge #2 PU / U1 / U2 /U3
 11 Jul / 10:15am  CSLL vs FHLL 11-12 Woodbridge #1 PU / U1 / U2 /U3
???       PU / U1 / U2 /U3

















Abrevations above:

CSLL - Central Springfield Little League

FHLL - Ft Hunt Little League

WLLL - Woodlawn Little League

APLL - Alexandria Potomac Little League

WBLL - Woodbridge Little League



  • 2015 District Tournament Schedule 9-10 / 10-11 / 11-12 / Jr / Sr / Big - LINK (It is under the 2015 District Tournament Schedule and is in MS Word Doc)
  • 2015 Tournament Rules (extract from Green Book) - PDF
  • 2015 Tournament Rules Chart - PDF

Key Point that Scott put in in Message of 25 June:

--Managers were instructed to leave equipment outside the fence during warm-ups, so make sure you inspect it. Which means, get there 30-40 minutes early to check in with the Tourney Director, go over responsibilities with your crew, walk the field and inspect equipment.
--Small stickers (like numbers or the flag) on the back ok, large stickers on the front not okay.
--Managers were encouraged to bring the composite bat list with them.
--No big barrel bats.
--Penalty for the bat violations listed above, ejection of the player and manager.
--Base coaches in the dugouts till ball is thrown down.
--Make sure you take a copy of the line-up at the plate conference. I know we don't do it at WSLL because of the liberal substitution rules, but you will need it during the tourney.
--Offensive subs reported when they come to bat (one at a time) and defensive subs when they take the field.
--If a team has 13 players at game start then all 13 must bat once. That's it.  Tournament Director will track but you need to be aware.
--If a team has 12 or less, then they must all bat once and play 6 CONSECUTIVE defensive outs. Only exception is WEATHER or DARKNESS shortened games.  Again TD will monitor and track your awareness.
--Subs are tied to the starter's position in the line-up.
--10-run slaughter is in effect. Not an excuse for missing the above playing requirements.
--Dropped third strick in ALL levels with exception of 9/10.  9/10 All-Stars is the only level without the dropped third-strike.
--Catcher who catches 4 innings can't pitch. A pitcher who pitches 41 pitches can't catch. However, if a catcher starts, is then removed to pitch before he catches 4 innings, then pitches less than 41, can then go and catch till the end of the game or pulled (loop hole allows him to pitch and catch 4 or more
innings). 1 pitch (not warm-ups) in the inning constitutes an inning caught.  Remember there will be a an individual with the book that will be keeping the ”OFFICLAL” pitch count.
--Remember NO local (gray book) rules in effect.

Umpire Field Mechanics

In prep for the Post Season Tournament and the upcoming District 9 All Stars tournamnet below are refer material to review for base mechanics.

  • NEW: 2015 Little League Baseball Tournament Rule Summary: PDF
  • Dirty Dozen - Bad Habits for Umpires: PDF
  • 3 man mechanic w/o picture on 60' field: PDF
  • 4 man mechanic w/ pictures on 60' field:  PDF
  • Helpful Hints for the 60 foot - 4-Umpire System: PDF
  • 2 man mechanic cheat sheet on a 60' field:  PDF 

For those interested in the 90 foot mechanics:

  • 2 man mechanics: PDF
  • 2 man mechanics: POWER POINT
  • 4 man mechanic w/o picture on 90' field: PDF
  • 4 man mechanic w/ pictures on 70'/90' field: PDF


Useful Umpire Information

Little League Baseball Offers some valuable resources for umpires. check it out!! 

Pre-game Equipment Checklist - This is a guide that you might use as part of your pregame equipment check (NOTE: this PDF dates back to 2009 so some info such as chest protector is outdated with the new rule.)

2012 Umpire Guide  (OK Out of dated will get update soon)

2015 Volunteer Form (PDF)

2015 Umpire Training and Fees Guidelines (PDF)   2015 Umpire Training and Fees Guidelines (PPT)

2015 Federal W4 (PDF)

2015 Youth Umpire Agreement (PDF)   2015 Youth Umpire Agreement (MS WORD)

2015 Youth Umpire Invoice (MS WORD)

The Powerpoint slides and handout for the 2012 WSLL umpire training sessions can be viewed or downloaded  click at the link below.

Click for more information.

Umpire Links

Below are several useful links for umpires:

  • Umpiring at the District/State/Region/World Series Levels

Find at the link below a PDF file that provides some information on requirements and process for umpiring at higher levels within LL.  This was provided by the D9 UiC to answer some of the questions received and clear up some of the misperceptions of how to apply and participate in the higher levels of umpiring.  If your questions are not answered reach out to any of the WS Veteran Umpires and they will be happy to help.  You can also reach out to the D9 Umpire staff as well at the D9 Umpire link below under “Chief Umpires.”

Umpire Requirements for State and above Tournaments (PDF)