The purpose of this page is to provide important information to the umpires of WSLL. Please visit this page frequently to get the latest WSLL updates.



Fall Baseball is starting soon! 

Games will be played between West Springfield, Central and South County.

Teams are practicing now and games are expected to start the second week of September.

Game Umpire Scheduling info will be coming soon.

Click on this link for the SSCFBL RULES

Useful Umpire Information

Little League Baseball Offers some valuable resources for umpires. check it out!! 

Pre-game Equipment Checklist - This is a guide that you might use as part of your pregame equipment check (NOTE: this PDF dates back to 2009 so some info such as chest protector is outdated with the new rule.)

2012 Umpire Guide  (OK Out of dated will get update soon)

2016 New Volunteer Form (PDF)

2016 RETURNING Volunteer Form

2016 Umpire Training and Fees Guidelines (PDF)   2016 Umpire Training and Fees Guidelines (PPT)

2016 Federal W4 (PDF)

2016 Youth Umpire Agreement (MS WORD)

2016 Youth Umpire Invoice (MS WORD)

The Powerpoint slides and handout for the 2012 WSLL umpire training sessions can be viewed or downloaded  click at the link below.

Click for more information.

Umpire Links

Below are several useful links for umpires:

  • Umpiring at the District/State/Region/World Series Levels

Find at the link below a PDF file that provides some information on requirements and process for umpiring at higher levels within LL.  This was provided by the D9 UiC to answer some of the questions received and clear up some of the misperceptions of how to apply and participate in the higher levels of umpiring.  If your questions are not answered reach out to any of the WS Veteran Umpires and they will be happy to help.  You can also reach out to the D9 Umpire staff as well at the D9 Umpire link below under “Chief Umpires.”

Umpire Requirements for State and above Tournaments (PDF)