The purpose of this page is to provide important information to the umpires of WSLL. Please visit this page frequently to get the latest WSLL updates.

Tournament Tracking

The Fun Tournament has concluded.  A Fort Hunt team won both the 8-10 and 10-12 brackets.  Contrats to them.

Here is what we have for All Stars.


(8-10) All Stars - No WSLL Assignments


(9-11) ALL STARS:  All Games at Woodbridge Veterans Park 14400 Veterans Drive Woodbridge (WATCH SPEEDING)

Wednesday June 28 Woodbridge Vets #1 7:00pm Show 6:00pm
Plate -  Michael Wagner
Bases - Al Beyer
Bases - Steve Gillingham


Saturday July 1 Yankee 10:30am Show 9:45am
Plate -  Al Beyer
Bases - Ralph Yates
Bases - ___________

Saturday July 1 Yankee 1:30pm Show 12:45pm
Plate -  ___________
Bases - ___________
Bases - ___________

Sunday July 2 Wrigley 4:30pm Show 3:45pm
Plate -  Al Beyer
Bases - ___________
Bases - ___________

Thursday July 6 Yankee 7:00pm Show 6:15pm
Plate -  ___________
Bases - Al Beyer
Bases - ___________

Scrimmage Requests from All Star Teams.  NONE AT THE MOMENT

2017 Fun and All Star Tournaments


I have created an umpire sign up site for the All Star Tournament.  WSLL is responsible for providing THREE umpires for each of these games.

The All Star Tournament sign up it here:

I will update the sign up site and add games as D9 updates the schedule.  Please sign up for games where you can and help support the tournaments.  Any questions...let me know!

Ralph Yates


2017 Tournament Field Addresses

8-10 All Stars - WLLL McNaughton Field Complex 5320 Pole Road Alexandria/Fort Belvoir

9-11 All Stars - WBLL Veterans Park - 14400 Veterans Drive Woodbridge

11-12 All Stars - Byron Ave Park - 6500 Byron Ave Springfield


Training Requirements and Youth Umpires

Here is the training and fee schedule for youth umpires and parent volunteers.  Parent volunteers can have their volunteer fee returned or both volunteer fee and registration fee returned if enough games are covered.  Please pay attention to the training requirements, meaning parent volunteers have to at least come to the Parent from the Stands training.  New youth umpires should come to Umpire 101 and 102 and field training.  Youth umpires with 1-3 years experience can come to the refresher training and field training.

Training and Fees

*Specific to Youth Umpires*

In addition to submitting the volunteer forms, youth umpires must complete and submit the WSLL Youth Umpire Agreement to the WSLL UIC.  Youths under 18 must have a parent or guardian signature.  The WSLL Youth Umpire Agreement must be received by the UIC prior to umpiring any games.  Please review the WSLL Youth Umpire Agreement, compete, and sign then scan / send to

WSLL Youth Umpire Agreement


After submitting the agreement please download the WSLL Youth Umpire Invoice.  Use this document to track the games you umpire as the season goes along.  Then after the season scan and send the invoice to the WSLL UIC at before June 30, 2017 to receive payment in July.  Make sure to put your USPS mailing address at the bottom of the form.  This is where your check will be mailed.

WSLL Youth Umpire Invoice