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Executive Committee
President Craig Stine
Exec VP Scott Rippee
Player Agent Todd Nethery
Safety Director Allen Judkiewicz
Secretary Gene Ager
Treasurer Craig Copeland
Chief Umpire Scott Dias
VP - Admin Operations OPEN
VP - Baseball Operations Jon Anderson
VP - Communications John Monaco
VP - Challenger Baseball Eddie Garretson
VP - Parents Auxiliary Amie Adams
VP - Player Support Scott Mills
VP - Fields & Facilities Scott Rippee
VP - Special Operations Jon Anderson
VP - Technology Micah MacDonald
Member(s) at Large Ron Zabko, Mickey Batson
Committee Chairpersons
All Star Coordinator OPEN
Audit OPEN
Awards & Trophies Mike Hickman
County Liaison/Fields Acquisition Craig Copeland
Equipment Scott Mills
Fan Wear OPEN
Fun Tournament OPEN
Fall Baseball Commissioner Scott Rippee, Todd Nethery
Fields & Facilities:
   Byron Fields Mgr Scott Rippee
   Fenway Field Mgr Rob Harris
General Counsel Ryan Seiger
League Historian John Monaco
Manager Selection Jon Anderson
Marketing OPEN
Nominating Committee OPEN
Opening/Closing Ceremonies Jon Anderson
Player Development Steve Gillingham
Public Relations OPEN
Registration Jon Anderson
Rescheduling Games John Monaco & Craig Copeland
Rules John Monaco
Scheduler Craig Copeland
Scores & Standings John Monaco
Snack Bar Manager Amie Adams
Sponsors Greg Adams
Team Photos John Monaco
Tryouts Jon Anderson
   Majors Scott Dias
   Minors Ralph Yates
   Training Steve Gillingham
Uniforms Bridget Jackson
Volunteer Coordinator Paul Downey
Webmaster Bill Dane
Web Content Manager John Monaco
WSLL Tournament John Monaco & Craig Copeland
Yearbook John Monaco
League Directors
Majors AL - Kevin Kurland
Majors NL - Larry Gowe
AAA NL - Greg Adams
AAA AL - Todd Nethery
AA AL - Scott Mills
AA NL - Rob Sorensen
A AL - Allen Judkiewicz
A NL - Anthony Caracciolo
T-Ball AL&NL - Mickey Batson
Clinic (5-T) AL&NL - Mark Nelson
Other Board Members
Evan Bolster
Erik Foss
Dean Giordano
Scott Gudely
Bryan Holzemer
Shawn James
Kenny Moeller
Curt Nutbrown
John O'Grady Walsh
Mike Williams
Dedicated Volunteers
Tim Brewer
Dom Cimino
Dave Finan
Dave Frazier
Kevin Kurland
Bob Leitzel
Mark Nelson
George Pedersen
Michael Wagner
Mike Zerbo
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Mon Windy with a few clouds from time to time. High 49F. Winds NW at 20 to 30 mph. 60
Tue Clear. Low 34F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph. 67
Wed Mainly sunny. High around 60F. Winds W at 5 to 10 mph. 66

Virginia State Champions
10/11: 2004, 2007, 2012
11/12: 1984, 1986, 2003, 2005

Upcoming Events

WSLL Board of Directors Meeting: 11/4/14 7:30 PM
WSLL Executive Committee Meeting: 11/18/14 7:30 PM
WSLL Board of Directors Meeting: 12/2/14 7:30 PM

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Today's Games
9:00 AM: AA CS/Brewers vs SC/Red Sox
9:00 AM: AA CS/Mariners vs SC/Rangers
11:00 AM: Majors WL/Generals vs SC/Phillies
11:00 AM: Majors WS/Owls vs FH/Ft Hunt Green
11:00 AM: Majors CSAP/Orioles vs WS/Bees
11:00 AM: Majors WS/Bats vs WS/Hooks
11:00 AM: Majors WS/Bing' Mets vs CSAP/Rockies
11:00 AM: AAA FB/Red Birds vs WS/Rock Hounds
11:00 AM: AAA WS/Grasshoppers vs WS/Muck Dogs
11:00 AM: AAA WS/Mud Hens vs SC/Nationals
11:00 AM: AAA CS/Nationals vs WL/W'lawn Black
11:00 AM: AA SC/A's vs CS/Cubs
11:00 AM: AA WS/Blue Claws vs WS/Iron Birds
11:00 AM: A CS/Mets vs WS/Threshers
11:00 AM: T-Ball CS/Threshers vs SC/Mudcats
11:00 AM: T-Ball SC/Raptors vs CS/Iron Pigs
11:00 AM: Intmed WS/Durham Bulls vs WS/Muck Dogs
1:30 PM: Majors SC/Angels vs CSAP/Dodgers
1:30 PM: Majors WS/Red Wings vs FH/Ft Hunt White
1:30 PM: Majors WL/Black vs SC/Blue Jays
1:30 PM: AAA SC/Dodgers vs WS/Sand Gnats
1:30 PM: AAA WS/Maruders vs WS/Iron Pigs
1:30 PM: AAA CS/Dodgers vs WS/Volcanoes
1:30 PM: AA SC/Nationals vs WS/Grasshoppers
1:30 PM: AA WS/Scrappers vs WS/Lugnuts
1:30 PM: A CS/Rangers vs WS/Mets
1:30 PM: A WS/Hooks vs CS/Diamondbacks
1:30 PM: A WS/Bats vs SC/Orioles
1:30 PM: T-Ball CS/River Bandits vs SC/Grasshoppers
3:30 PM: Majors CSAP/Nationals vs FH/Ft Hunt Gray
3:30 PM: AAA SC/Yankees vs CS/Orioles
3:30 PM: AA CS/Reds vs WS/Mudcats
3:30 PM: A WS/Hot Rods vs CS/Astros
3:30 PM: A CS/Pirates vs SC/Reds
3:30 PM: A WS/Rockhounds vs SC/Royals
3:30 PM: T-Ball SC/Hot Rods vs WS/Bandits
3:30 PM: T-Ball WS/River Dogs vs WS/Bats
3:30 PM: T-Ball WS/Sea Dogs vs WS/Sand Gnats
3:30 PM: T-Ball WS/Ironbirds vs WS/Grasshoppers
3:30 PM: Intmed FH/Ft Hunt Green vs FH/Ft Hunt Gray

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