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Virginia State Champions
10/11: 2004, 2007, 2012
11/12: 1984, 1986, 2003, 2005

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WSLL Board of Directors Meeting: 11/4/14 7:30 PM
WSLL Executive Committee Meeting: 11/18/14 7:30 PM
WSLL Board of Directors Meeting: 12/2/14 7:30 PM

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Today's Games
9:00 AM: AA CS/Brewers vs SC/Red Sox
9:00 AM: AA CS/Mariners vs SC/Rangers
11:00 AM: Majors WL/Generals vs SC/Phillies
11:00 AM: Majors WS/Owls vs FH/Ft Hunt Green
11:00 AM: Majors CSAP/Orioles vs WS/Bees
11:00 AM: Majors WS/Bats vs WS/Hooks
11:00 AM: Majors WS/Bing' Mets vs CSAP/Rockies
11:00 AM: AAA FB/Red Birds vs WS/Rock Hounds
11:00 AM: AAA WS/Grasshoppers vs WS/Muck Dogs
11:00 AM: AAA WS/Mud Hens vs SC/Nationals
11:00 AM: AAA CS/Nationals vs WL/W'lawn Black
11:00 AM: AA SC/A's vs CS/Cubs
11:00 AM: AA WS/Blue Claws vs WS/Iron Birds
11:00 AM: A CS/Mets vs WS/Threshers
11:00 AM: T-Ball CS/Threshers vs SC/Mudcats
11:00 AM: T-Ball SC/Raptors vs CS/Iron Pigs
11:00 AM: Intmed WS/Durham Bulls vs WS/Muck Dogs
1:30 PM: Majors SC/Angels vs CSAP/Dodgers
1:30 PM: Majors WS/Red Wings vs FH/Ft Hunt White
1:30 PM: Majors WL/Black vs SC/Blue Jays
1:30 PM: AAA SC/Dodgers vs WS/Sand Gnats
1:30 PM: AAA WS/Maruders vs WS/Iron Pigs
1:30 PM: AAA CS/Dodgers vs WS/Volcanoes
1:30 PM: AA SC/Nationals vs WS/Grasshoppers
1:30 PM: AA WS/Scrappers vs WS/Lugnuts
1:30 PM: A CS/Rangers vs WS/Mets
1:30 PM: A WS/Hooks vs CS/Diamondbacks
1:30 PM: A WS/Bats vs SC/Orioles
1:30 PM: T-Ball CS/River Bandits vs SC/Grasshoppers
3:30 PM: Majors CSAP/Nationals vs FH/Ft Hunt Gray
3:30 PM: AAA SC/Yankees vs CS/Orioles
3:30 PM: AA CS/Reds vs WS/Mudcats
3:30 PM: A WS/Hot Rods vs CS/Astros
3:30 PM: A CS/Pirates vs SC/Reds
3:30 PM: A WS/Rockhounds vs SC/Royals
3:30 PM: T-Ball SC/Hot Rods vs WS/Bandits
3:30 PM: T-Ball WS/River Dogs vs WS/Bats
3:30 PM: T-Ball WS/Sea Dogs vs WS/Sand Gnats
3:30 PM: T-Ball WS/Ironbirds vs WS/Grasshoppers
3:30 PM: Intmed FH/Ft Hunt Green vs FH/Ft Hunt Gray

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