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The purpose of this page is to provide important information to the managers and coaches of WSLL. Please visit this page frequently to get the latest WSLL updates.

2016 Field Use Permit - FINAL

Here are the 2016 Field Permits- FINAL

Carry the pemit with you to all practices.

All Managers, Coaches and Volunteers Must Complete LL Volunteer Form

West Springfield Little League will continue to implement a mandate from Little League Baseball, Inc. that requires all local Little Leagues to conduct background checks on Managers, Coaches, Board of Directors members and any other persons, volunteers or hired workers, who provide regular service to the league and/or have repetitive access to, or contact with, players or teams.


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Little League University Training Plans

The Little League® University was created to provide volunteer managers and coaches with the appropriate direction to organize and efficiently operate practices throughout the season.

Below are plans:

TBall Training Guide (14mb)

Coach Pitch / A Training Guide (9mb)

Although these guides are specifically designed for lower levels of play many of the drills and teaching techniques apply to all levels of play.

Click to Access LLU 

If you are not already a member you must register to have access to LLU.



Heads Up: Concussion in Youth Sports

WSLL requires all Managers, Coaches of Record (CORs), umpires and members of the Board of Directors to take the CDC on-line Concussion Training Course.  Below is some excellent information regarding Concussions in Youth Sports:

Everyone must complete the course no later than March 21.

2016 Managers Orientation Meetings

Team Volunteer Checklist

As the season approaches each manager will have a meeting wiith their parents. There are many activities that you need help with. Click here for a helpful list of duties that need to be assigned.

Accident Tracking Form

Whenever you have an accident that involves any of your players, coaches or volunteers be sure to complete an "Accident Tracking Form." E-Mail or Mail the completed forms to:

John O'Gray Walsh
WSLL Safety Officer
7831 Preakness Lane

Fairfax Station Va 22039

If you have questions send John an email

The accident tracking form requests League ID numbers. Here they are:
American League: 346-09-07
National League: 346-09-06

WSLL Standards for Managers and Coaches

At registration all managers and coaches agreed to abide by the "WSLL Standards for Managers and Coaches." Periodically, you should review these to ensure that you are in compliance. To review them click here.

How to Organize a Practice

Not sure how to organize your practice. Click here for a suggestion.

A Guide to Throwing Mechanics

Recently WSLL gave the following presentation on "Throwing Mechanics" to all managers at the AA level and below. However, what was discussed is applicable to all levels

Exercises for the Throwing Arm

Click here for arm exercises

Good Throwing Mechanics Drill

Here is an excellent drill for developing good throwing mechanics from coach Kevin Cone.

Click for more information.

Game Organization Tools

Having trouble keeping track of who is playing where, then click here and here for a couple of tools that may be useful.

Little League "Coaches Box" Newsletter

Little League, Inc. has a new newsletter called "Coaches Box". Each issue contains coaching tips as well as umpire knotty problems and other interesting topics.

Little League ASAP Safety Plan News

Read the Little League ASAP Safety Plan Newsletter

Fairball Newsletter - The Umpires Newsletter

Little Baseball publishes a newsletter for umpires about rule interpretations and more. Read Umpires Newsletter

Little League Commercial General Liability Information

To read the Little League Baseball, Inc. Commercial General Liability Coverage Form click here.


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Upcoming Events

WSLL Board of Directors Meeting: 5/2/16 7:30 PM
WSLL Executive Committee Meeting: 5/16/16 7:30 PM
BYRONFEST: 5/21/16 4:30 PM

Click here to see all events.

Today's Games
5:45 PM: AAA Blue Jays vs Marlins
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5:45 PM: T-Ball Diamondbacks vs Mets
7:15 PM: Majors Mariners vs Marlins
7:15 PM: Majors Orioles vs Dodgers

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