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Virginia State Champions
10/11: 2004, 2007, 2012
11/12: 1984, 1986, 2003, 2005

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[NL] Mets
[NL] Mets
[NL] Marlins

Upcoming Events

Team Picture Day: 4/30/16
Mid-Season Managers Meeting: 5/1/16 2:00 PM
WSLL Board of Directors Meeting: 5/2/16 7:30 PM

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Today's Games
9:00 AM: Majors Angels vs Yankees
9:00 AM: Majors Cardinals vs Marlins
9:00 AM: AAA Diamondbacks vs Dodgers
9:00 AM: A Orioles vs Yankees
9:00 AM: T-Ball Twins vs Angels
9:00 AM: 5-T Nationals vs Orioles
9:30 AM: AA Angels vs Mariners
9:30 AM: T-Ball Yankees vs Orioles
10:45 AM: T-Ball Diamondbacks vs Mets
10:45 AM: 5-T Twins vs Mets
11:00 AM: AAA Nationals vs Mets
11:00 AM: A Diamondbacks vs Mets
11:15 AM: Majors Twins vs Blue Jays
11:15 AM: Majors Dodgers vs Diamondbacks
11:15 AM: T-Ball Dodgers vs Nationals
11:30 AM: AA Orioles vs Yankees
12:30 PM: 5-T Marlins vs Mariners
1:00 PM: A Marlins vs Cardinals
1:30 PM: Majors Mariners vs Orioles
1:30 PM: Majors Nationals vs Mets
1:30 PM: AAA Marlins vs Cardinals
1:30 PM: A Nationals vs Dodgers
2:00 PM: AA Marlins vs Nationals
3:30 PM: A Angels vs Mariners
3:30 PM: A Blue Jays vs Red Sox
3:45 PM: AAA Angels vs Blue Jays
4:00 PM: AAA Orioles vs Twins
4:30 PM: AA Cardinals vs Mets
6:00 PM: AAA Yankees vs Mariners
6:00 PM: AA Blue Jays vs Dodgers

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